Packt Publishing - Mastering VMware vSphere 6.5 (2017)


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Packt Publishing - Mastering VMware vSphere 6.5 (2017)
The Course Overview.mp4   92.65 MB
Introduction to the ESXi 6 Command Line Interface (CLI).mp4   62.07 MB
Features of vSphere 6.5.mp4   32.3 MB
Upgrade Manager Version 6.5 Installation and Configuration.mp4   85.18 MB
Upgrading vSphere Version 6.0 to vSphere Version 6.5.mp4   75.37 MB
Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) Version 6.5 Installation and Configuration.mp4   51.03 MB
Upgrading vCenter Server Version 6.0 to Version 6.5.mp4   35.43 MB
Managing Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) in vSphere 6.x.mp4   153.13 MB
Using the vm-support Tool.mp4   78.21 MB
Advanced Packet Capture with the pktcap-uw Tool.mp4   56.46 MB
Using the vm-support Toll for esxtop Replay Mode.mp4   26.84 MB
vSphere Distributed Switch Version 6 Advanced Features.mp4   650.3 MB
ESXi 6 Command Line Interface (CLI) for Networking.mp4   353.54 MB
Network I_O Control Version 3.mp4   192.47 MB
Custom TCP_IP Stacks.mp4   146.69 MB
Configuring Advanced vSphere 6 Virtual Machine Settings.mp4   139.46 MB
Configuring and Maintaining a vCloud Air Connection.mp4   88.77 MB
Creating and Managing a Multi-Site Content Library.mp4   67.77 MB
Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA).mp4   114.17 MB
LUN Masking Storage Array and ESXi.mp4   77.93 MB
Configuring NFS 4.1 Datastores.mp4   71.68 MB
Configuring iSCSI Datastores.mp4   59.45 MB
vscsiStats Tool.mp4   54.67 MB
vmkfstools Tool.mp4   30.79 MB
vSphere Replication Appliance and vSphere Data Protection Appliance.mp4   83.68 MB
Backing up and Restoring Platform Service Controllers.mp4   83.21 MB
vSphere Data Protection Appliance Installation and Configuration.mp4   66.13 MB
Managing Replicated Backups.mp4   50.63 MB
vSphere Replication Appliance Lab Tour and User Interface.mp4   43.37 MB
Optimizing Replication.mp4   41.69 MB
Creating Replication Jobs.mp4   38.48 MB
Connect to Target Replication Sites.mp4   36.07 MB
vSphere Data Protection Lab Tour and User Interface.mp4   34.71 MB
vSphere Replication Appliance Installation and Configuration.mp4   33.74 MB
vSphere Data Protection Appliance Command Line Interface (CLI).mp4   32.33 MB
Recovering Replicated Virtual Machines.mp4   28.82 MB
File Level Restores.mp4   26.02 MB
Managing Backup Jobs.mp4   25.44 MB
vSphere Replication Server Installation and Configuration.mp4   20.8 MB
Restoring from Backup.mp4   14.11 MB
vSphere 6.x Single Sign On (SSO) Architecture.mp4   98.75 MB
VMware Certificate Manager Tool.mp4   93.54 MB
vSphere 6.x Firewall Management.mp4   77.96 MB
vSphere 6.x SSO Command Line Support Tools.mp4   14.24 MB
vSphere 6.x Resource Pool Management.mp4   66.12 MB
vSphere 6.x Distributed Power Management (DPM).mp4   51.84 MB
vSphere 6.x vFlash Pool Management.mp4   49.96 MB
Implementing and Managing vCenter Server Appliance Version 6.5 High Availability.mp4   285.27 MB
Implementing and Managing Symmetrical Multi-processing Fault Tolerance in vSphere Version 6.5.mp4   131.21 MB
Managing Image Profiles in a vSphere 6.5 Deployment.mp4   389.33 MB
Implement and Configure Windows-Based vCenter Server Version 6.5.mp4   154.23 MB
Managing Host Profiles in a vSphere 6.5 Deployment.mp4   110.26 MB
Managing Auto-Deploy Caching Modes in vSphere 6.5.mp4   96.58 MB

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