How to Hack Whats App Account most used and best among all the methods


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How to Hack Whats App Account most used and best among all the methods
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Whatsapp is a very common name for those who uses a smartphone. Almost everyone has this app installed in their smartphones and they make use of this app to the fullest.

What does this app do? Well, if you think about the way technology is moving, it does not do much for you but you can use it for chatting with friends, can make video and audio calls and send videos, pictures, and other files as well.

Doesn’t really sound to be a lot but people does have a knack of using a particular thing to its full potential. And probably this habit has led people to use this chatting app for professional reasons.

There is a video chat facility available, so, people have find a way out to talk with you people live, face to face! There are loads of examples for which whatsapp is being used by the people over the world.

In this book i have tell the most used and best among all the methods of hacking whatsapp

by this method you dont need any victims phone or you dont need an physical reach to victim's phone you can do it just by sitting at your home with installed kali linux in youy computer machine

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